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Map Your Mind presents you a wide range of different software products to make your own mind map® on your computer.

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Mind Image

Palm III - Palm OS 3.1

Mind Image 2.2

This software is based on mindmap method. You can use it to make your notes visual. This way you can see the structure of your ideas, you can use your right brain hemisphere and improve your creativity. It can be applied to most of situations that involve any learning or thinking.

Applications:note making, reports, planning, organizing, problem analyzing, projects, meetings, exam preparation, review, summarising readings...

Download Mind Image 2.2


Series 3a /c/mx
Series 5


Mindmap for the Psion

This software is a graphical mindmapping application, which allows you to create and visualize idea maps on your Series 5 using the stylus. It is currently under heavy development.

Go to the Jon Read Software website to see the details of this software.

Check the Version Alpha preview 1.

The FreeMind Project

FreeMind (The FreeMind Project)

FreeMind is a Java based mind mapping® tool you can download for free. The program is developed by Jörg Müller.

Download FreeMind

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